About Ace Annison Limited

About Ace Annison

Company at a Glance

Ace Annison Ltd. is a Toronto/Ontario based wholesale giftware company who has built a reputable wholesale tableware/giftware business in Canada for the past 20 years. ACE was started back in 1994, in a local flea market, to source and distribute unique eye-catching giftware. The gifts that this company sells are branded with its private logo, bottom stamp, and nice packaging. Just like many other successful companies, its business is aiming to create a customer experience that is powerful enough to make their customers recommend Ace to other clients and friends. Ace has worked very hard to bring great colourful gifts and great prices to restaurants, premium gift stores, museums, boutiques, and specialty shops. The company’s focus is to identify, with passion, their clients’ wishes and work to achieve these in partnership with them.

The products displayed during Ace’s Trade Shows and showroom have a very high turnover rate. Ace is always proud to tell their customers that when they entered the trade shows and showroom, it is not a museum. The products they carry do fly out of the shelves. Most of their existing customers place their orders directly in the trade show floor. The products are so attractive that they don’t think they need to go back and think about placing the order in the future. This is also influnced by their past strict quality control and after-sell services. All of Ace’s products have gone through extensive market research across Canada before it is willing to send to the production line. The company do not call itself "specialist" if it doesn't focus on what it is doing the best in the industry.

The company recognizes that people have many choices in giftware and tableware. They appreciate the chance to be one of your suppliers. They look forward to receiving your comments and to deliver the highest quality in products and services. Thank you for considering Ace as one of your suppliers in the future.

Mission Statement

The company is dedicated to a friendly sales environment in which its customers can enjoy all the benefits of a great gift & great price. Unlike many other wholesale giftware companies that are concerned with turning profit, the primary object at Ace Annison is to exceed all of its customers’ expectations by delivering exceptional products and caring services at a great price. As the chief executive at American Express puts it, “Promise only what you can deliver and deliver more than what you promised!” At Ace, we believe that customers’ satisfaction will determine both the success and longevity of our company. Our cliché - "We accept no substitutes for Great Stuff & Great Price."


Satisfied and Loyal Customers

Satisfied customers who remain loyal and happy with our after sale services will repeat their purchases and recommend our products to their customers. It can only be achieved by developing a superior and efficient delivery process through knowledgeable and productive service employees. It is 10 times easier and cost effective to keep existing customers than acquiring new ones. We always respect our customers and treat them fairly.

Satisfied and Productive Service Employees

More satisfied, loyal, and hard-working employees, which results from empower frontline service employees to give them the authority, responsibility, and incentives they need to recognize, care about, and tend to customer needs. As of January 2015, 85% of our current staff has employed by Ace for over 3+ years. Hence, we have many highly educated and experienced employees who are ready to serve our customers’ needs.

Small can be Beautiful

Through smart niching, Ace believes small players can compete effectively against industry giants by understanding the value of our unique product mix and recognize that shopping is a highly sensual experience. We are a needs driven company. We build our business based on what our customer wants and not based on getting the cheapest price on the product category in the market. What’s the point for buying cheap and not able to sell? All of our products have gone through extensive market research before we are willing to send down to our production line. We wan to make sure it appeals to the needs of our retail market.

Competitive Edge

The gifts we sell are branded. We start with a critical competitive edge where there are only few giftware wholesales whose primary business is in wholesale. Some wholesalers also secretly open family owned retail stores or establish their own Warehouse Sale to compete with their own clients. We can focus on what we do the best and offer many products at a fraction of the retail price. We also have a very high regard for customer service that will be unparalleled in this industry. We believe based on the changes currently going on in this industry, Ace Annison is positioned to be the new leader in the field which will make others take notice of our exemplary services.


Upcoming Trade Shows

During the Spring

  • The Atlanta International Gift & Home Market at the AmericasMart Atlanta, from January 12th to January 16th, 2017 at Building 2 - F2, #725.
  • Toronto Gift Fair at the Toronto Congress Centre, from Sunday, January 29th, 2017 to Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 at Hall 7, Booth #7219.
  • Alberta Gift Fair at Edmonton Expo Center from Sunday February 26th, 2017 to Wednesday March 1st, 2017, Hall G, Booth #1431. 
  • The Restaurant Show at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibiion Place, Toronto, from March, 2017.
  • Quebec Gift Fair from Sunday March 22nd  to Wednesday March 25th, 2017, Level 4.
  • Traders Forum Show at Toronto International Centre, May 2017, Hall 6, from Sunday to Tuesday,  Hall 6 #233 & #235

During the Fall

  • The Atlanta International Gift & Home Market at the AmericasMart Atlanta, from July 12th, 2017, to July 18th, 2017 at Building 2 - F2, #725.
  • Toronto Gift Fair at the Congress Centre, from Sunday, August 13th to Wednesday August 16th, 2017 at Hall 7, Booth #7219.
  • Alberta Gift Fair at Edmonton Expo Center from Sunday August 27th to Wednesday August 30th, 2017, Hall FGH, Booth #1431. 
  • Quebec Gift Fair from Sunday August 28th  to Wednesday August 30th, 2017, Level 4.
  • National Coffee and Tea Show at Toronto International Centre from Sunday September 25th, 2017 to Monday, September 26th, 2017 at Hall 1 Booth #315.
  • Seasons Christmas Show at the Toronto International Centre, on Friday November 17th, 2017, to Sunday November 19th, Hall 5, Booth #410/424.